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Scott Brown

Artist: Scott Brown

CD Title: Colors

Add Date: February 27, 2017

Label Name: Random Chance Records

Website: www.randomchancerecords.com/scott_brown

Artist Website

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Scott Brown is a piano, keyboard player and composer who while in his teens, worked with Jaco Pastorious. His career has also has afforded him the opportunity to work with such legends as: Gil Evans, Luther Vandross, Roy Ayers and Patti Austin. His first release entitled Flavors (Random Chance Records), included artists such as Grant Green Jr., Charnett Moffett and Gene Lake. His current album entitled, Colors, also on Random Chance Records features once again drummer Gene Lake with Linard on bass; Mark Johnson on sax; Nathan Peck on bass; and Richard Lee Wendel on trumpet, among others.

CD Description

This new CD also includes drummer Gene Lake in the line up along with Norbert Marius, guitar; Linard on bass; Mark Johnson on sax; Nathan Peck on bass; and Richard Lee Wendell on trumpet, among others. Scott Brown's work stresses funky rhythms, fluid melodic lines and is accessible to a pop/rock audience as well as to fusion/jazz listeners.

  1. Honeydew 5:35
  2. Waltz for Maia 7:32
  3. Brick 4:17
  4. The Message 3:58
  5. Waiting 4:15
  6. Bright Star 4:45
  7. Downstream 4:56
  8. Out of the Box 3:11
  9. Colors.Nett 12:48
  10. Clean Jam 2:23
All Compositions by Scott Brown (ASCAP, Scobro Music)

Instrument - Player - Pronunciation:

Scott Brown: keys all tracks ( bass, 5 , 7)

Gene Lake: drums (all but track #9; keys, bass #4)

Norbert Marius: bass (1, 2, 4, 6, 8)

Linard: bass (3, 10)

Mark Johnson: sax (1, 4, 6, 8)

Nathan Peck: bass (9)

Richard Lee Wendel: trumpet (1, 3, 6)

Brian Fishler: drums (9)

Geoff Countryman: sax and effects (9)

Any Bianco: guitar (9)

Bernd Schoernhart guitar (4)

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