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Quiet Life Motel

Artist: Quiet Life Motel


Add Date: January 23, 2017

Street Date: November 13, 2016

Label Name: SchulmanCreative

Website: www.quietlifemotel.com

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By turns nocturnal, reflective, funky, and cinematic, the music of violinist and composer David Schulman and Quiet Life Motel (quietlifemotel.com) is a weave of jazz harmonies, shimmering orchestral textures, and international grooves.

Heard nationally on NPR, David’s music has been described as “mysterious and beautiful” by The Washington Post. ANHINGA — the new release from David’s Quiet Life Motel project — has already made CapitolBop’s list of “Best DC Jazz Albums of 2016.”

On ANHINGA, elements of nuevo tango, cumbia, and gypsy music find their place amidst evocative soundscapes. It’s a vivid, cinematic journey — with dreamlike melodies played on a vintage Gibson mandolin, and musical echoes from around the world.

With its sound-rich textures and field recordings from Mali, Eastern Europe, and Chicago, ANHINGA draws upon David’s experience in public radio (NPR, APM, BBC). Creator and producer of the “Musicians in their own Words” series, David over the years talked shop with Regina Carter, Poncho Sanchez, Cassandra Wilson, Edmar Castaneda, Abdullah Ibrahim, Sara Tavares, and Yo-Yo Ma,.

“Interviewing world-class musicians has been a rare gift for me as a composer and performer,” says David. “Sometimes it can help to ask yourself, ‘What Would Bo Diddley Do?’”

David’s Quiet Life Motel project uses contemporary tools to extend the traditions of the music he loves — whether it’s charanga, Schubert, or the irresistible rhythms of Go-Go and cumbia.

An avid collaborator with dance companies, David has performed his dance scores live at the Kennedy Center, and at the Paul Taylor Dance Studio. Several selections on ANHINGA — including the driving title track — began as dance collaborations.

CD Description

Elements of nuevo tango, gypsy music, and jazz all find their place in a vivid, cinematic journey: This is ANHINGA (pronounced: ann-HING-uh)— the evocative new release from violinist David Schulman and Quiet Life Motel (as heard on NPR).

There are wordless love stories on ANHINGA. Secrets, desires, regrets. No synths or guitars — but lots of dancing violins.

There are field recordings from around the globe. Melodic dreamscapes played on a vintage Gibson mandolin (“8th Street Nocturne”). A playful cumbia (“Hecho a Mano”). And there are moments of comfort for when the world seems about to come apart.

A meticulous, organic production, ANHINGA features vocals and muted trumpet on three tracks by Tillery, who played on Soul Train in the ‘70s. He’s still singing his heart out — check him out on the ballad “Home.”

When I leave will someone still remember?

Will the voices still keep singing in your head?

All music + words by David Schulman.

David’s 2012 QUIET LIFE MOTEL debut aired nationally on NPR. Past performances at Kennedy Center, DC Jazz Festival, Paul Taylor Dance Studio. His Music called “mysterious and beautiful” by The Washington Post.

“Definitely a top surprise album of the year, David Schulman and Quiet Life Motel’s ANHINGA interweaves lush string arrangements under potent melodies, to strong effect.”

— Luke Stewart, CapitolBop

Track Time

1) Automatic 3:05

2) Anhinga 3:09

3) Eleven Flights of Air 2:27

4) Chicago Gypsy 3:29

5) The Call 1:09

6) 8th Street Nocturne 3:02

7) Hecho a Mano 2:59

8) Five Lives 4:04

9) Season of No Regrets 5:49

10) Mr. Webster Remembers 2:13

11) Ohio 2:51

12) Jessye Norman Sings Brahms at the Five Spot 2:01

13) Home 4:24

14) Farewell Sir Charles 4:09

Instrument - Player - Pronunciation:

David Schulman (pronounced: SHULL-muhn): violins, mandolin, hand percussion, field recording, whistling

Tillery: vocals + muted trumpet (tracks 1, 13, 14)

Eddie Eatmon (pronounced: EAT-muhn): bass (2, 9, 13, 14)

Felix Blume: field recordings (3,7,9,10)

Batterie: Michael Caskey (3), Felix Contreras (7), Rutger Miller (1)

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