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Dave Kline Band

Artist: Dave Kline Band

CD Title: Shifting Borders

Label: VedaMusic

Add Date: August 14, 2017

Street Date: September 1, 2017

Website: www.daveklineband.com

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  • Dave Kline Band
    Dave Kline Band
  • Dave Kline Band
    Dave Kline Band

“Great music, man! Great tunes and such warm renditions. I love your musical universe … it’s so fresh and creative and so Dave ... keep the music fires burning bright. You know why? Simply because you can! And do it so well.”

-Multi-Grammy winner Chick Corea

Dave Kline Band is a high energy, electric violin driven jazz/world recording and performance experience.

Dave’s European roots led to an exploration of music from around the world – including middle eastern, African, Asian, flamenco, Caribbean, Latin and other influences – fused with the blues, rock and folk he grew up with in London. Classical upbringing on the violin gave him chops. Jamming on contemporary music honed his skills at improvising and taking musical chances.

After moving to the USA, Dave toured East and West coasts, including performances with Dwight Yoakam. Two albums later, with live appearances including DC’s premier jazz club Blues Alley with jazz legend Chick Corea, and with his own band at the prestigious Blues Alley, Gypsy Sally’s, the Smithsonian, and numerous festivals and clubs in the area, Dave has now recorded his third album full of beautifully captured and catchy compositions.

While maintaining a sophisticated yet approachable urban sound, Dave continues to reach out and stretch his original instrumental compositions to the borders of undiscovered territory. This led to the development of the new album and its title - Shifting Borders. While this refers to the musical twists, turns and combinations, it also captures his personal journey across the globe, as well as the challenges of the changing nature of the world we live in. It is Dave’s hope that music will contribute to a better resolution of the world’s struggles, improve the rights of man and increase cultural tolerance.

Dave shares his more recent musical visions with the fabulous musicians who have appeared with him live and on the new album. Fernando Mojica on guitar is native to Colombia but now resides in the US; Jon Laine on drums and percussion is from Virginia with his heritage in Haiti. Special guests on the album include Cheikh Ndoye from Senegal, West Africa on bass; French Canadian Lynn Veronneau on vocalese; Argentinian Emmanuel Trifilio on bandoneon; Dan Paul, USA on keyboards. The personnel on this recording, in their diversity and unique musical characters, personify Shifting Borders.

CD Description

“Daring and exciting, Kline takes you on a journey as far and wide as his musical influences. Shifting Borders is not an elusive chase it’s a declaration. Genres and ethnicity will meet, fall in love and have many happy children. A DNA smorgasbord that feeds all our senses and connects us through the unique voicing of a fiery violin. Buckle-up it’s gonna be a great ride.”

-Lynn Véronneau, Award winning vocalist

1. Paris 7:10

2. Shazam Returns 8:04

3. Pronto 7:24

4. Rockin’ The Cape 6:06

5. Overture 1:54

6. Castilian Boogie 8:09

7. 5868 6:38

8. Fire 6:38

9. Enfin 1:46

All compositions by Dave Kline

Player : instrument

Dave Kline: violin, electric violin, acoustic guitar

Fernando Mojica: electric guitar, acoustic guitar

Jon Laine: drums, percussion

Guest artists:

Cheikh Ndoye: electric NYBW bass, piccolo bass (sounds like Shake En-Doy-Eh)

Dan Paul: keyboards

Lynn Véronneau: vocals

Emmanuel Trifilio: bandoneon

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