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The Corey Kendrick Trio

Artist: The Corey Kendrick Trio

CD Title: Rootless

Label: Self-released

Add Date: June 13, 2016

Street Date: June 19, 2016

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  • Professors of Jazz | 2.21.2014
    Professors of Jazz | 2.21.2014
  • Corey Kendrick Trio: Cherokee
    Corey Kendrick Trio: Cherokee

An Iowa native, Corey Kendrick is a pianist, composer, and educator living in Detroit, MI. Although soft-spoken and mild-mannered, you wouldn’t know it when he sits down at the piano. A pianist with a deeply expressive touch and formidable technique, Kendrick makes his presence immediately known. Harmonically daring and melodically inventive, Kendrick’s talents have granted him the opportunity to share the stage with some of the finest jazz musicians in the world.

Kendrick has performed alongside: Rodney Whitaker, Jimmy Cobb, Marquis Hill, Antonio Hart, Tim Warfield, Etienne Charles, Jeff Hamilton, Peter Bernstein, Christian McBride, Robin Eubanks, Jon Faddis, Randy Gelispie, Diego Rivera, Michael Dease, Ben Williams, Mark Whitfield Jr, Obed Calvaire, Alex Wintz, Brian Hogans, Jacques Schwarz-Bart, Tom Kennedy and Sachal Vasandi among others. Kendrick has toured internationally with Etienne Charles’ Creole Soul, regionally with the Rodney Whitaker Quintet, and throughout Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, and Canada as a leader.

Kendrick received his Master’s in Jazz Studies from Michigan State University in 2015 and holds a Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Kendrick has studied with Xavier Davis, Reggie Thomas, and Willie Pickens.

CD Description

The Corey Kendrick Trio combines the infectious swing of the Oscar Peterson trio and the intricate interaction of the Bill Evans trio with a modern harmonic sensibility to create a truly dynamic group sound. Established while studying under Rodney Whitaker at Michigan State University, the Corey Kendrick Trio has developed their melody-driven, straight ahead sound over two and a half years of extensive performing.

On their debut recording, Rootless, the Trio delves into the themes of life in transition and all the associated emotions, whilst exploring the sonic tapestry of the piano trio. From the anxiety of starting anew (The Unknown/The Unexpected), to the loneliness of an unfamiliar home (Alone In Michigan), to the pure joy of new friends and experiences (Blues al Pastor), to the indescribable emotions of new parenthood (Lullaby For A New Mother), Rootless runs the gamut both in terms of emotional content and stylistic possibilities.

Track (Time) [composer]

1. Blues al Pastor (5:00)

2. The Unknown/The Unexpected (7:05)

3. Julian’s Tune (5:01)

4. My New Old Tune (5:49)

5. Waiting For Midnight (5:20)

6. Nature Boy (5:33) [music: Eden Ahbez]

7. Misunderstandings (Remembering I Love You) (4:01)

8. Alone In Michigan (5:25)

9. In The Wee Small Hours (3:57) [Mann/Hilliard]

10. Yesterdays (3:45) [Kern/Harbach]

11. Lullaby For A New Mother (7:01)

All compositions by Corey Kendrick except tracks 6, 9 and 10

Player and instrument:

Corey Kendrick - piano

Nick Bracewell - drums

Joe Vasquez - bass

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