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Chieko Honda

Artist: Chieko Honda

CD Title: Aquarelle

Street Date: February 10, 2017

Label: Self-Released

Website: chiekohonda.com

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Born in Osaka, Japan, Chieko Honda studied classical piano and trained in opera, singing at a young age. She was exposed to different genres of music while she worked at the acclaimed Osaka Blue Note. In 2003, Chieko moved to New York City, and under the direction of Bettina Sheppard, studied voice technique and diction. While she attended Barry Harris’ workshops, Chieko learned new techniques and expanded her jazz repertoire which led her to sing at various open mic nights. During 2007, Chieko recorded her first demo and started performing Samba/Bossa Nova music in venues throughout NYC with various jazz ensembles. Additionally, Chieko recorded as a featured vocalist for The Bill Jacobs Ensemble’s “WE” (‘08), she made her acting debut in the off-off Broadway show “Crooner” (‘07), and was chorus member in “Traumnovela.” She returned to her classical roots as a member of the Chromatic Voice Exchange (’10).

Busy as the lead vocalist and songwriter of Os Clavelitos (a 6-piece American Samba Band, formed by two Americans, two Brazilians, and two Japanese musicians) Chieko composed her music influenced by Brazilian rhythms, harmonies, melodies, and lyrics in both English and Portuguese. Which led to the contribution of three songs towards their debut album, Arriving, which peaked at #1 on the Roots Music Report Top 50 World Chart, in addition to 10 weeks straight on the CMJ Top 40 New World Chart, peaking at #17 overall. Her first full solo album Aquarelle was recorded in November of 2015 and is finally coming to full fruition of global release

now in 2017.

CD Description

Aquarelle marks the first full-length album for Chieko Honda, a Brazilian Samba Vocal Album that is chalk full of beautiful melodies and authentic Latin rhythms. A total of twelve songs adorn this delightful offering with three covers and nine originals, all sung in Portuguese and English. Each is introduced in varied styles of Brazilian Samba such as: Maracatu, Baião, Marcha, Waltz, Axé, Partido Alto, Choro, Maxixe, and Bossa Nova.

The instrumentation offered on each cut is also an added beauty to each tune, each song brings forth a different atmosphere, from Samba Jazz to old European Salon Music (which was led to create Choro music with Afro-Brazilian rhythm in 19th Century).

Recorded in New York which offers a minutia of talented musicians, each comes from a different background musically hailing from such exotic places as, Japan, Brazil, Australia, Israel, and the U.S., all coming together to create this unique project. Some of the cover tunes were chosen from different eras: “Linda Flor Yaya” (1920’s), “Chega de Saudade” (1950’s), “Prossiga” (2000), and nine originals written by Honda and arranged by Honda, along with MIKA (Piano), and Cesar Garabini (7 String Guitar) offering the listener a journey through time as well as original gems.

Track (Time) Composer

1. Aquarelle (4:42) Lyrics&Music: Chieko Honda

2. Linda Flor Yaya (4:22) Lyrics: Luiz Peixeito, Marques Porto / Music: Henrique Vogeler

3. Prossiga (5:12) Lyrics&Music: João Donato, Joyce

4. Maybe (for the baby) (3:47) Lyrics&Music: Chieko Honda

5. On The Crescent Moon (3:59) Lyrics&Music: Chieko Honda

6. Esquece (5:06) Lyrics&Music: Chieko Honda

7. Chega de Saudade (3:57) Lyrics: Vinicius de Moraes / Music: Antonio Carlos Jobim

8. Misty Wind (3:53) Lyrics&Music: Chieko Honda

9. Amanhã (3:15) Lyrics&Music: Chieko Honda

10. Bloom (4:39) Lyrics&Music: Chieko Honda

11. Bygone (2:58) Lyrics&Music: Chieko Honda

12. Samba do Xando (4:55) Lyrics&Music: Chieko Honda

Instrument - Player - Pronunciation:

Chieko Honda: vocals, compositions (chi-echo)

Mika: piano, vocal (me-kah)

Cesar Garabini: 7 string guitar, vocal (sez-r gah-rab-eeni)

Kahil Nayton: cavaquinho (kay-le)

Eduardo Belo: bass (ed-dwar-doh bel-o)

Adriano Santos: drums (ad-dri-ah-no son-toss)

Luiz Ebert: drums (lou-ease eb-bert)

Rogerio Boccato: percussions (ho-jeri-o bock-aato)

Hadar Noiberg: flute (had-ar noy-berg)

Steve Wilson: soprano saxophone

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