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Adison Evans

Artist: Adison Evans

CD Title: Hero

Label: AdiTone Records

Add Date: February 8, 2016

Street Date: February 5, 2016

Artist Website

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  • Adison's Website
    Adison's Website

Evans combines pure excitement with a soulful saxophone sound and a contagious smile to create one compelling performance after another. She has shared the stage with several legendary artists including: Trisha Yearwood, Nicki Minaj, Wynton Marsalis, Christian McBride, Terence Blanchard, JayZ, and many more. Evans made her debut in the pop world playing in the 2013 Superbowl with Beyonce. Upon graduating from the Juilliard School, Evans embarked on a two and a half year adventure thus far playing and touring with Beyoncé in the “Mrs Carter Show World Tour,” followed by Beyonce and JayZ in the history making “On The Run” Tour. Evans can be heard on the album that crashed iTunes, Beyoncés and seen in many of her music videos including “Countdown,” the HBO Beyonce specials, and Beyonce dvds.

Evans is proud to release her debut album, Hero, a tribute to those who have shaped her into the musician and young woman she is today, featuring her unique melody driven compositions in addition to ones by her heroes: Stevie Wonder, Beyoncè, Steve Wilson, Sonny Rollins, and more. The album features the AEQ, comprised of musicians she’s been playing with since moving to New York to attend Juilliard eight years ago.

Evans endorses Vandoren reeds and mouthpieces, and the Cannonball Raven Alto Saxophone.

CD Description

Hero is a tribute to some of the people who have helped shape me into the person/ musician I am today, my boss for many years, Beyoncè, my all time musical idol, Stevie Wonder, my musical mentor and one of the most inspiring musicians on the scene, Steve Wilson, and my saxophone hero, Sonny Rollins.

The music on this album comes straight from my heart; a combination of 8 original compositions and 4 “covers/standards” are inspired from experiences at Juilliard all the way to traveling the world time and time again, to living in Tuscany for a few months last year. I truly hope that it inspires/moves you in some way, and cultivates some good in the world.

Track, Composer (Time)

  • 1. Dropbear Boogaloo - Adison Evans, titled by Darcy Love (05:37)
  • 2. Little Tulip - Adison Evans (04:34)
  • 3. If Ever I Would Leave You - Frederick Loewe arranged by Adison Evans (05:38)
  • 4. Blue - Beyoncè Knowles, Jordan Cruz arranged by Adison Evans (05:02)
  • 5. The Epicurean - Steve Wilson arranged by Adison Evans (06:43)
  • 6. Open Your Eyes - Adison Evans (04:48)
  • 7. Ribbon In The Sky - Stevie Wonder arranged by Adison Evans (05:34)
  • 8. Mama - Adison Evans (02:42)
  • 9. Respirare - Adison Evans (05:52)
  • 10. Do What’s Best For You - Adison Evans (04:42)
  • 11. Prayer For Yoshi - Adison Evans (01:05)
  • 12. Never Forget To Say Thank You - Adison Evans (05:38)
  • Player and instrument:

    Adison Evans - baritone and alto saxophone

    Matthew Jodrell - trumpet and flugelhorn

    Mathis Picard - piano

    Dan Chmielinski - bass

    Roberto Giaquinto - drums

    Melanie Charles - vocal (tracks #4, #8, #10)

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